Walk Up Montmartre

We were all dressed in warm clothes but the walk up to Montmartre was hot, as it was such a sunny day. We did some shopping along the streets as we walked up. There were a lot of people sitting on the grass listening to the street musicians and just chit chatting and relaxing. We sat down by the street and had a some drinks. As we were drinking a lot of street artists approached us wanting to sketch us. We declined but they kept coming. So you couldn’t really enjoy your drink and view. But it was still a nice experience for the family to enjoy a cup of drink on Paris streets.



Out and About In Paris

Some other photos of our last few days in Paris that I wanted to show. Went to the different tourist attractions in Paris. Also did some shopping at Galeries Lafayette. No shopping in Paris just sounds weird, so we made a quick stop by the department store. I got myself a bag which was half the price in Taiwan. So it was a well worth purchase.


This isn’t some random photo that I am posting. So the data looks to be on some skateboard with a baby seat attached to it. I haven’t something like this before, so I thought I would share this pic. Kind of cool, right?!



Palace of Versailles

Took the metro from our hotel and transferred to the RER train to get to Palace of Versaille. It took around 1 hour to get to the palace. The palace was huge and the gardens were gigantic. Marie Antoinette’s apartment was also a distance away. You basically need a whole day at Versailles if you plan to see the castle, garden and where Marie Antoinette stays.

The whole place was beautiful and the gardens were well maintained. It was interesting to see the how the bedrooms look like in the old days along with the furniture and decorations. Everything was just to shiny in gold colors. A lot of bling. But I guess thats how kings like it back then.


Here are the large gardens that we walked. I felt like I was having a workout just walking the gardens.


The walk to Marie Antoinette’s apartment. My brother and sister in law walked with me. The other’s were too tired or maybe lazy to walk. So they paid 4 euros to sit on a train car to Marie Antoinette.


Back to Posting

I have been wanting to post something but somehow I never make it to posting. I guess I have to many excuses and never ending up posting. So today the excuses will stop! Recently, I took the family on a trip to Paris and Barcelona. I the planned the whole trip and looked for places to stay. It was like doing homework. Had to make sure every part of the trip suited everyone. The planning was tiring and leading/guiding the family was also tiring. Would I do another trip again…probably…but maybe with less people, so there will be less opinions. Haha.

So here are some photos of Paris. We stayed at Hôtel Elysées Opéra. The receptionist was super friendly. She showed us our way around the map and pointed out direction. So immediately I felt welcomed. The location was actually great. Around 5-10 minutes walk to restaurants and the metro. A 3 minute walk to the supermarket. Also it is near the Moulin Rouge. Before your arrival, the hotel will send you a survey to ask some basic questions if you need anything. Also, after your stay you will get a customer satisfaction survey. Overall, I would recommend this hotel for people who are traveling without a tour guide as the metro is close and transportation is easy.




Wall Street Bull

We lunch at Harry’s in downtown New York. We went for the unlimited champagne brunch. I have never been to a brunch place that serves unlimited champagne! Early in the afternoon we started drinking.  It’s been 9 years since I last saw my friend. So champagne was a good way to catch up on the 9 years!

After brunch we took a walk down to the Wall Street Bull and around down town area. It lovely day to walk around and see the city.







Downtown Manhattan

Walking through downtown. The streets were less crowded during the weekend compared to midtown. There was so many financial buildings and made me wonder what it would feel like to work in a financial area. I guess it would be a lot of stress but then what work has no stress, right?!

I love the architecture of the building. The style is so New York and that’s what I love about it. As I was walking I saw a building with a fire escape outside of the building. This reminds me of all the movies I see filmed in New York. This is definitely something you won’t see in other countries.

Later the afternoon we went battery park. We bought some coffee and sat at the park. We could see Statue of Liberty from afar. While sitting at the park drinking coffee and chatting felt so peaceful.

Fire escape

Fire escape


New York Stock Exchange




Battery Park

Battery Park







Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty


The Twelve Apostles

I could see 12 apostles. I saw really small apostles, so I am not sure if that is counted as an apostle. There were so many tourists and it was really hard to get a great photo. The wind was so strong. My hair was flying all over the place. If you plan to see the apostles bring a hat!


Everyone walking to see the apostles

Everyone walking to see the apostles




Crazy wind

Crazy wind



Random interesting car

Random interesting car



Melbourne Museum

So no trip is actually complete without visiting the Museum. I don’t why, but all the trips I take end up with a visit to the museum. It’s always interesting to see learn about the history of the city/country.

While I was buying tickets, I got asked for my student card. For a minute I was actually excited as someone thought I was still a student. Unfortunately, I am passed my student years! The museum tickets cost about $12 for adults.








So at one point in time we all came from Africa

So at one point in time we all came from Africa




Different type writers through out the time

Different type writers through out the time










Peak-a-boo...i see you

Peak-a-boo…i see you

$12 adult ticket

$12 adult ticket

New Years in Melbourne

Happy belated New Years! I was busy traveling during New Years so I’m only managing to post this now. I guess New Years is pretty much the same everywhere. Fire works and more fire works. I did not make any new year resolutions. Hope I don’t regret. Well… I do have a goal which is to get fit and start going to the gym. So far I have not made it to the gym yet. I feel like I am still on holiday!

It was really dark and I had a difficult time to taking a selfie on my phone as you just couldn’t see my face. So my friend and I stood on the same spots taking lots and lots of selfie trying to get the right angle with the right lights. Then suddenly this old guys says to us ” girls how many selfies do you want to take.” At that I realized I must have taken too many selfies! Here is my so called selfies!


Everyone waiting for fire works!

Everyone waiting for fire works!


Everyone leaving after fire works are over

Everyone leaving after fire works are over


Christmas in Australia

I went to visit a friend in Melbourne for Christmas and New Years. We took a train to Altona to have a BBQ with my friend’s co-worker and friends. The train ride was pretty empty. Probably everyone was already at home with family so the train pretty much was empty.

We had lamb, baked potatoes and some veggie for lunch. I’m not much of a cook, but I manage to help out peeling the potatoes. So I felt quite good contributing to something involving cooking. After lunch we took a walk at Altona beech. The beech was just beautiful, but it was extremely cold. I did not expect it to me so cold in summer. I guess the beach water and wind made it very cold. Even though it was cold, I still loved standing on the beech looking at the beautiful pier!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas or holiday!









Lego Figure

Brunch with an old friend on a rainy day may sound boring to some people. But it’s the way I like to spend my days. Calm and relaxing. No better way for me to spend my weekends on a rainy day!

After brunch we had coffee and decided to assemble a small lego. I thought it would be easy but the lego instruction was not that easy to read. The final product looked cool when it was completely done.








Tourist Day

The weekend consisted of being a tourist walking around the city with friends visiting from the states. It was hot weekend, so photos turned out so well. At this kinda moment is where I wish I had a camera. My feet and legs died out towards the end of the day. I wore the wrong shoes, as I didn’t expect to walk so much. Lesson learned, wear comfortable shoes when you have friends visiting.








Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

GoPro Camera

We are at the public smart phone charging booth charging our iPhones. It takes forever to charge our phones as we only have one USB cable with us. We are so bored that my friend started to play around with his ProGo camera. The camera was quite fascinating that I ended up playing with it more and taking silly videos of myself!


Here we are taking videos while our phones are charging! 🙂

video thumbnail

video thumbnail