Palace of Versailles

Took the metro from our hotel and transferred to the RER train to get to Palace of Versaille. It took around 1 hour to get to the palace. The palace was huge and the gardens were gigantic. Marie Antoinette’s apartment was also a distance away. You basically need a whole day at Versailles if you plan to see the castle, garden and where Marie Antoinette stays.

The whole place was beautiful and the gardens were well maintained. It was interesting to see the how the bedrooms look like in the old days along with the furniture and decorations. Everything was just to shiny in gold colors. A lot of bling. But I guess thats how kings like it back then.


Here are the large gardens that we walked. I felt like I was having a workout just walking the gardens.


The walk to Marie Antoinette’s apartment. My brother and sister in law walked with me. The other’s were too tired or maybe lazy to walk. So they paid 4 euros to sit on a train car to Marie Antoinette.



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