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I have been wanting to post something but somehow I never make it to posting. I guess I have to many excuses and never ending up posting. So today the excuses will stop! Recently, I took the family on a trip to Paris and Barcelona. I the planned the whole trip and looked for places to stay. It was like doing homework. Had to make sure every part of the trip suited everyone. The planning was tiring and leading/guiding the family was also tiring. Would I do another trip again…probably…but maybe with less people, so there will be less opinions. Haha.

So here are some photos of Paris. We stayed at Hôtel Elysées Opéra. The receptionist was super friendly. She showed us our way around the map and pointed out direction. So immediately I felt welcomed. The location was actually great. Around 5-10 minutes walk to restaurants and the metro. A 3 minute walk to the supermarket. Also it is near the Moulin Rouge. Before your arrival, the hotel will send you a survey to ask some basic questions if you need anything. Also, after your stay you will get a customer satisfaction survey. Overall, I would recommend this hotel for people who are traveling without a tour guide as the metro is close and transportation is easy.





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