Discovery of the Temple

My mum is back in the country for the month. She goes to the temple every time she is back. This time she took me along with her. We pray in the temple with 3 incense sticks and bow down 3 times. There are these special light holders on the wall with red name tags inserted inside. Apparently the lights holders are where people pay the temple to write their names to be placed inside. The reason for this is they believe the current year is not a smooth or will go well for them, hence they write their names in there so god can make the year better for them.

After we finished praying with the incense sticks, we went outside to burn some paper. The gold/yellow paper resembles money. Burning the paper means you are giving the money to your ancestors or family members that have passed away. The paper burns away and eventually disappears when all burnt up. So this is suppose to look like the money has gone to the after world. I guess you may ask – why do the dead need money? Well the dead do live in another world like heaven. In that world they also need money to spend. That’s the story I was told. It may sound strange, but every religion has it’s own ways.




paper to be burn that represents money



mum throwing the paper to burn





view of inside temple from the side






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