Leaders and Managers

So recently my manager presented a leadership speech to all the managers in APAC region. He showed us a short clip on Simon Sinek talking about how great leaders inspire. After wards he gave us a summary of the contents in the Harvard Business Review and how this magazine can be helpful for managers to apply in their roles and responsibility.

So, am I inspired by the video clip and this magazine….the answer is NO! I don’t feel inspired at all. My motivation has not even increased a bit. Why? When I looked around the meeting room at my managers and the other managers present, I do not see anyone who is a leader like what is mention in the video or the magazine. There is no role model in the meeting room and yet we are told we must be a good leader. The truth is everyone in the meeting room comes to work for the sake of getting a salary, so food can be put on the table and bills can be paid. None of us in the room actually come to work wanting to inspire others and be the leader like what is mentioned in the video.

I guess when you are a manager you are suppose to find some kind of leadership magazine/books and videos to show people so they think you are being a good leader. Somehow showing video clips and magazine/books to an extent will disguise the fact that words speak louder than actions.

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