Around and About in Bangalore

My boss and I went to a mall at MG road to get some Indian snacks or items to bring back home. I wanted to get some Masala spices as you can’t find much Indian spices in Taiwan. While at the supermarket we saw some juice that was sold only for USD 1 which was really a good bargain. So we bought some juice! I got some Tandoori Chicken masala for my mum to cook.

There were also cows walking in the middle of the road! So our driver would drive and suddenly hit the breaks to avoid crashing into the cows! The cows are even afraid of the cars! The cows kind of remind me of my days living in Malawi. Except the Malawian cows don’t walk/sit in the middle of the roads. Cows in Malawi kept to the pavements!

The roads in Bangalore done have lanes. So cars/scooters pretty much ride however they want. Sometimes there are 4 lanes of cars and sometimes they are 3 lanes of cars. You drive at whatever space is in front of you and that will be the lane you form. Since there are no lanes cars hoot all day long and the hooting noise is kinda loud and crazy. Cars hoot at anything and everything! Bangalore roads are a place where you can test out your driving skills.


Cows walking on the road


Auto rickshaw cars


Mall at MG Road


1 Liter of juice for USD1 only!

photo 1(2)

Spice aisle

photo 2(2)

Shopping cart of items to bring back home!


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