Tomb Sweeping Day



The Entrance


Front of the Temple

Tomb Sweeping Day or Ching Ming Festival is a big day in Asia where we honour our ancestors, as well as pay respect to the dead. Usually on this day we will bring baskets of snacks/ foods for to the grave site of the dead. People will also burn golden paper which is suppose to represent money for the dead.

Table for placing Snacks/ Food

Table for placing Snacks/ Food

My Snacks in the Basket.Gold Paper in the Plastic Bag

My Snacks in the Basket
Stacks of Gold Paper in the Plastic Bag

We light incense sticks and insert it with the food you bring. This means we are blessing the food for the dead. In side the temple we insert an incense stick after pray to god. When you exit the temple you insert another incense stick. I’m not sure why you insert one outside. Everyone does it, so I kinda just follow!


Inside the Temple


Outside the Temple (Temple Door)

Since land is scarce in Taiwan, we don’t bury the body when one passes away. In stead we cremate the body and place the urn in the temple. So the temple replaces the grave yard.


My Grandparents – next to each other


Temple behind me

This is a very interesting tradition or culture. After moving back to Taiwan, I started doing all these Asian traditions. Everyone does it, so it’s kind of weird if you are not doing it. I know I’m not doing it a hundred percent correctly, but it’s the thought that counts.


4 responses

  1. I like your traditions.
    twenty years ago, the idea of burying a baby who died caused me to burst into tears. burying felt so much better. So, we did what felt better. Now, I think I like your way. I have changed. : )

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