Glam with M.A.C

NC 20 Studio Perfect Foundation

NC 25 Pro Long Wear Foundation

Shell Frost Cream Color Base

Black Track Fluid Line

Dainty Mineralize Blush

This is my basic daily makeup look for work (usually have less eye liner for work). Used a couple of brands and finally ended up sticking with MAC. Its affordable and the effect is really good on me.

To get a good skin tone color, it’s best to choose a powder tone lighter than your foundation. As the powder is the top coat that brings out the shine in your skin.

I don’t use eye shadow anymore for work. I use the shell frost cream color base as my eye shadow. It’s less visible that eye shadow. Its got a sticky texture, so you just your fingers and apply it on your eye lid. If you don’t have time in the morning this cream color base is super fast to use.

Most eye liners that come in a pot usually dry up very fast. So far the MAC one hasn’t. The shape of the eye liner stays on throughout the day. It wont smudge. Before i used to use an eye liner pencil. By lunch time it smudge all over my eyes especially when the weather is humid.


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