A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last Year of Primary School

Master Graduation

It’s very obvious to see where I am in the primary school photo, as I am the only Asian in my class! This was me when I was young. At that time I was living in Malawi (Africa). There weren’t many Asians. Now that I look at this photo, I realize my uniform is quite hideous.

Many years later I got my MBA degree. Back then I thought I would get my bachelor degree and that would be my last stop as a student. I never pictured myself continuing my studies till Master degree. I don’t have much interest studying and reading books, nor was i ever good with exams! I guess you got to believe in yourself. If you believe then you can do it.

This is it! My final stop as a student. No more student life, so no more studying! But looking back, there are some things I would do different during my time as a student. I guess it’s human nature to look back.


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