Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower

A while back I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan with some friends. Tokyo is such a busy city. Everyone is so busy and the pace is so fast. I visited some old temples and buildings. Unfortunately, you had to pay to get in. So most of my money went to the tickets.

In the temple you can ask for fortune (just like a fortune cookie) only that this is more detailed. If it’s a good fortune you keep the paper with you. If it’s a bad fortune, you tie the paper on this string fence. The bad fortune will be removed from you.

The city itself was clean. There was so many places to shop, but they were all expensive. I went to shopping district Ginza, where all the expensive brands were located.

Tokyo Disney Land was also a must go place for me. I love playing in Disney. It’s fun and you can always act silly without being judged! haha. I spent a whole day in Disney. At the end of the day, my legs were aching and the sole of my foot was hurting. We went to the spa for a foot massage. The spa was awesome and a good way to end the day.


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