Paint Ball Attack

This is the first time I went paint ball shooting. People say it’s painful leaving bruises behind. But I still had to try it out myself. Life is short and I wanna make sure I experience it while I’m young.

The girls were given a body armor so that it’s less painful when the pain ball hits you. I’m glad i made the right decision to wear the armor. When we were out in the field, the first hit I got was by my arm, which the armor did not protect. Yes, it was painful! The guys kept saying it’s not easy to move around wearing armor and recommended the girls not to wear any. I am glad i didn’t listen to them. I got managed to get 2 bruises. I’ll admit it hurt when you get hit. But I’ll definitely play this game again.

I wore white converse shoes, which was a bad choice. Paint ball and white shoes don’t go together. Luckily I didn’t manage to get paint on my shoes. If I did, I’m pretty sure the paint would leave a stain. This would mean bye bye to my converse. The army jumpsuits were pretty good. They covered all your body, arms and legs. You also get a face mask/helmet. You are pretty much covered except for your shoes.


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