Shiseido Face Moisturizer

I naturally have an oily skin. So I like to buy skin products that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling when applied to the skin. I don’t like to feel that there is a layer of substance on my face. This Shiseido moisturizer is feels light when applied to my skin. It’s really refreshing and quickly absorbed by the skin.

Shiseido Elixir Whitening Clear Emulsion II, is used during the winter season. In winter our skin is usually dry and if its too cold, our skin like our lips can crack. Emulsion II keeps the skin moist. Emulsion II has a more is more creamy than Emulsion I, as the components of the product is focusing on the skin for winter. Shiseido Elixir Whitening Clear Emulsion I, is used during the summer season. It’s less creamy and more watery to refresh the skin during the summer heat. The skin absorbs the product fast, as it’s more watery.

Each bottle is 130ml and they last for a very long time. The price is affordable costing around USD50, compared to other cosmetic brands.