SHINee Korean Idol Boy Group

SHINee pronounced as shinee is a Korean boy group. Since they are in their early twenties they are considered as idol due to their young age. They came to Taiwan for their first fan concert. At that time i wasn’t a big fan, but my friend persuaded me to go with her to watch the concert. I had nothing to do, so I went with her. The concert turned out to be amazing. Their performances were awesome. During the moment of the concert with the dancing and loud music, I completely forgot about work and everything else. For the 3 hours of the concert, I was screaming and having so much fun!

Sadly we were not allowed to take any photos during the concert. Security was petrolling the arena catching anyone trying to take photos. I secretly took a few but none of them came out clear. All of them were blurry! We bought a couple of souvenirs – long towels and light sticks.

We decided to dress up for the concert by wearing our highest pair of heels. What a bad choice of shoes we made! Our feet was killing us the whole night! We could barely walk, so we took the taxi back home! Lesson learned that night – don’t wear high heels to a concert.


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