In The Club with Park Bom

Park Bom

Park Bom is from the Korean girl group called 2NE1. She is the main vocalist of the group. I love her voice and her personality. The beauty about music is that you don’t necessarily need to understand the language. As long as its different with a good beat and rhythm, you will like listening to it. I don’t understand korean, but I still love the songs 2NE1 produce.

The group has worked with from Black Eyed Peas on an English Album. Sadly, the English album hasn’t been released. So hopefully they will release it soon, as is such a talented producer.

In The Club is a song from their debut album. It’s on of my favourite song. Park Bom sings the chorus for this song. From the translations of this song, its about a guy who cheats and lies to his girlfriend. In the club, the guy is with another girl. The girlfriend calls out to the guy, but he doesn’t hear her. The girlfriend will forget about him and love another guy in the club, just as easily as the boyfriend is with other girls.


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